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Ireland - South West // The Richest Beaches In The World

Killvan's Ireland. A tale of the how a surf trip through Ireland can be one of the most enriching surf trips a surfer can take.


My mother and I had zig zagged the Irish coast for a few days seeking surfable waves. We gradually lost the road less traveled, discovering a road which could be lost. Each twist and turn on our journey along the coastline revealed a secret, some hidden treasure or a golden nook. These locations possibly only visible to those who can cut through adverse weather, understanding that unique locations are rightfully quaint in their isolation.


Way down in the south west of Ireland, way out where even the Irish seldom go the waves weren't great, though life here was old and full of intrigue. With little hope of the poor wave pattern breaking, any opportunity for wave riding would be embraced for what it was. When expectations are at their lowest the road delivers it's best, and not always to be transpired via perfect waves mind you, perhaps a hard to define feeling, an emotion that will never be found on home shores.


I exited the water numb, it was a mediocre surf as far as performing manouvers on a wave is concerned, but it was a surf in Ireland. As the warm water drained from my steamer filling my booties, a wave of blissful peace washed out with it. It was a moment to look to the sky, toward the ocean horizion, now scan up and down the beach, sight into the rich green hills beyond the beach.

"Am I alive or dreaming?" I asked myself, maybe even out loud.

Sucking in bursts of cold salted air into the lungs awarenss was acute, razor sharp, switched on a natural high. Thick nutrient rich green mossy plant matter lay stretched across the sand, it had life, and I could feel it. Algae, forest pine, seaweed, all of it, I could feel life.

By the time I'd reached the car park I was lost in this euphoric state, my Mother stared at me as if the sea had taken my mind away and left a body clad in rubber. It was a defining Irish moment, while odd, I'd simply become part of the surrounds in Ireland, the land had embraced me, and I it.


It'll happen to you if you surf in Ireland.





Location: South West Coast of Ireland.
Optimum: September and October sees a good mix of all conditions.
Weather: Winters are harsh and summers are mild and green. Fall/Autumn is the bomb.
Surf Conditions: Beachbreaks, Reef Breaks, Point Breaks, Bombies, Rivermouths, Slabs. Seek and ye' shall find.
Access: Fly into Dublin and charge South West in a bus or a rental across to country, young man.
Accomodation: Camping, Holiday Rentals, Motels. Just turn up and be friendly, the local folk will take you in.
Live Free:  7/10.  It's neat, cosy, yet rugged and raw. You'll either love it or look for an exit.

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