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Hawai'i - North Shore Oahu // Rocky Point

Killvan's Hawaii. Observations from an intense little stretch of beach called Rocky Point, where you can choose what you want to believe.

Jack Johnson wandered down the beach with his two kids, playing in the small patches of reef protruding from the bead like sand that sticks to your feet like glue. Jack looked like the everyman, and it looked as he could exist here as such, free to live incognito. Here on the beach, Rocky Point, North Shore, Oahu Hawaiʻi is a unique type of stage. Old houses built from timber which have been gradually replaced by newer dwellings sit close to the waterline under thick tropical trees,  modest  mountian peaks carpeted a dark green provide a framed backdrop. The Kam Highway, bike path, internal access road and narrow, often muddy paths provide access to sections of the beach. Monster Mush to the east, Sunset slightly further, Gas Chambers to the west linking off from the rights and the infamous Banzai Pipeline a mile away.

Rocky Point is a Pacific Ocean stage dripping with international surf froth, where high performance manoeuvres on waves and technology through photography is the emphasis. Such a dedicated focus on a singular activity that it almost exists in its own bubble. Rocky Lefts is the more well regarded section of this clump of reef, when the seven mile miracle is slightly overhead and the wind is anything trade or less, the tight wave area becomes a complete chatterbox of surfing, at the pointy end of progression.

This afternoon Flynn Novak was doing somersaults, some local hotshot was hucking big rotating spins that went corkscrew like as he spun into the offshore mist, and Mason Ho slotted his nimble frame into some thick right cavernous right handers. That was a grab of perhaps no more than five minutes, it all happens frequently here on this little rocky point, and if you watch for long enough you'll see it all. Lovers, rippers, celebrities, drugs, spirit and of course, Aloha.

A pack of Brazilian surfers huddled in a boisterous pack, smoking cliche joints and making a statement about just being there. A couple of local Hawaiian kids strolled past all tardy, and were thrown two bars of wax from the South Americans. I guess it was some attempt at bridging the gap and making a point of giving something back, but it was a rather lame almost embarrassing gesture to be witness to. I wanted to be back in the water for the waft of mary jane while pleasant, wasn't part of my trip, and their loud presence didn't fit the aloha I was rolling on...

Though therein lies the beauty that is Rockies. A place where you can fit the Hawaiian turntable needle into your own groove. Hawaiian music sounds different to everyone. Jack and his boys dimmed into silhouettes as the sun dropped out and again the movements against the sun were no longer important. Rocky Rights blended to Rocky nights and the beaches lights were dimmed. Tomorrow would most likely be the same, on a beach were you can see it all, choose what to believe and translate the music your own way.






Location: North Shore, Oahu. Hawaii.
Optimum: Winter months from October through to April. November to February is peak season. December and January is Peak Peak season.
Weather: Humid tropical island weather. Can rain in winter a stack and and be cool. Sumer can be sticky hot.
Surf Conditions: Beachbreaks Reef Breaks and beach breaks.
Access: Fly into Honolulu and get rental car across to the North Shore. But book your car beforehand as you'll get stuck in Honolulu easily.
Accomodation: Tough gig, rent a house, find someone who knows someone, Foos Back Packers or sleep in a chevy van.
Live Free:  7/10.  It's got it all on Oahu, though if you don't leave Rocky Point you're doing youreself a diservice. 

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