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Australia - South East Coast // Pat O'Connell and Pirate Treasure

Killvan's Australia. A tale of finding treasure, where isolation, big waves and the natural wonder of the south east coast of New South Wales are the sought after riches.

So, what was it like to seek pirate treasure? Today, we can still tap that rush by knowing that our treasure is all around us, and it's usually within nature that the richest loot is to be found. The South East coast of New South Wales in Australia has some of the best waves in the world and the most unique representations of life. There is treasure to be found on this here coast, many moons ago we took Pat O'Connell down here to seek his own.

Retreating just another weekend in Sydney his anticipation was high, he'd heard of the waves and the serenity, and we were pumped to show off some of the more prisitine and preserved coastline of Australia. A modest south swell was predicted forecast with blue skies and calm winds, maybe Pat would experience the gold.

"Wow, this place is just awesome, looks like freeking Hawaii. Where is everyone?" Pat questioned as we sat above a bombie over looking an amazing scene.

Pat hadn't yet surfed, though he'd been given the tour of the coastline, and as it does sometimes occur, there were very little people about. Amazingly the swell was twice what is was back up towards Sydney, and as sets in the ten foot plus range powered through, the treasure was uncovered.


For a few days the swell was relentless, and while it decreased in size it provided opportunities to surf other spots that were drowing at the peak of the swell. Like a kid in a candy store, Pat was dancing in the car park, circling in the sand, while a world traveled surfer who'd no doubt discovered much treasure in his travels, he'd found some magic down on the South East Coast of Australia.

But that was many years ago, and he swore he'd be back, knowing there was a stack more pirate treasure around this coastline. Whether he comes back in this lifetime or the next, he should expect the same sort of joy as there is much treasure to be found on the South Coast of New South Wales.




Location: South East Coast of New South Wales (NSW) Australia.
Optimum: March through to August, though all year if you're a gamblin' man.
Weather: Dry heat in Summer, afternoon storms and north east sea breezes. Cold in Winter with southerly rain systes and cold south west winds.
Surf Conditions: Beachbreaks, Reef Breaks, Point Breaks, Bombies, Rivermouths, Slabs. Sometimes very very lonely...
Access: Sydney Airport, freeway south 4 hours. Melbourne Airport, freeway north east 9 hours.
Accomodation: Camping, Holiday Rentals, Motels. Just turn up and be friendly.
Live Free:  9/10.  Serenity.

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