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France - Aquitaine, Seignosse // Dicks Sand Bar

Killvan's France. A tale of summer surfing in the France. Where nudity,
good waves and Dicks Sand Bar provide all you need on a European
Surf Adventure.

Dick's Sand Bar was a free for all and it kept us up most nights till nearly sunrise. A small underground type setting stuffed under the boardwalk by the sand. Inside a low roof ensured any out of control dancing would have your head cracking into the ceiling. It was a place to dance on tables, drink way to much and try out your French with the local girls. You'd meet surfers from all over the world down in that little bar, it was an international meeting place where the common thread was goodtimes. That's what's great about Hossegor, you'd meet new people from different parts of the world every time you had a beer poured.

Hung over as hell with an uncharacteristic forty degree day had the morning all sweaty and gross, it was expected to be gross but not this sweaty. The heat was accompanied by a flat ocean which only drive the nocturnal madness higher. Hossegor wasn't delivering on the surfing front, our much loved La Nord was dormant, so grabbing a baguette and heading north towards Seignosse to seek something different was all we could do. It was mostly a move to ensure the day didn't prematurely transcend into night and the activities that follow.

The coast is a seamless line of yellow sand, each beach with a different backdrop of forest, or grassy dunes. The waters inside the Bay of Biscay can be so peaceful in summer which sets the mood, it's pleasant, the slight lapping of clear water and cool sea breezes soothes the European tourists enjoying their time to be outdoors. Some, they get nude, naked, walk freely with junk swinging in the wind, others fornicate in a secluded dune, which we had seen a few times already. Expect to see it all on the sands of freedom.

The surf was poor, though it was great to just get wet and wash off the alcohol sweating from the skin. The length of beach up this end went forever, disappearing into the haze to the north and south, it spread everyone out and provided a type of freedom unique to a French summer.

To the north off in the distance a parachute could be seen, only because of its bright red and yellow colours. Sitting only a few meters off the beach we waited for a set wave while the parachute and the human figure hanging from it's strings drew closer. Within moments we were temporarily joined by an elderly man being dragged parallel to the beach, dunking up and down as he went. Just as he passed he was on the way back up into the air.

"Bonjour Monsieurs" he said as his naked old body exposed itself frontside before our eyes.

His smile was infectious, and the hilarity of the situation had us howling like Banshees. While it wasn't the Dicks Sand Bar we'd been spending our nights at, it was then branded that we were surfing Dicks Sand Bar. 





Location: South West Coast. Bay Of Biscay, France.
Optimum: August to October until it gets too cold.
Weather: A nice heat in Summer, late sunsets and cool sea breezes. Cold and brutal in Winter at times with snow on the beach. Cold Atlantic storms turn the beach into a deserted playground.
Surf Conditions: Beachbreaks. The best you'll find anywhere. Can be small and perfect or juicy and huge when you'll need a ski for tow assist.
Access: The road system is perfect and public trainsport runs all over. Fly into Paris and drive south, or fly into Bordeaux, Biarittz, Pau.
Accomodation: Camping, Van living, hotels and beach accomodation but expensive during the sumemer and often closed during Winter.
Live Free:  9/10.  Celebrate Life.

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