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Nicaragua - Managua // The Girl In The Plaza De Armas

Killvan's Nicaragua. A tale of the mysterious girl in a Plaza De Armas, and how a single photo can be enough for a lasting memory.

In some countries when you point a camera towards a native they can see it as soul stealing, met with a shy hostility that renders an opportunity to capture a moment for a lasting memory, lost. Other times the camera is ignored signalling that life at that moment in time is more important. And sometimes, a pose is offered, a gift maybe.

The Plaza De Armas was an integral pit stop on the Central American dream way. The junction of business or pleasure where you can observe or participate. You'll find a fast pace during the week down on the stones and the rhythm of the people is heard. Though on a Sunday when the sabbath day is honored you'll find it dormant, quiet but for a few early risers. The market stalls packed away, the hustling smokey traffic gone, the Plaza revealed as a giant stone skeleton, bold and cold in the morning air.

Our road had lead us to Managua, and the town square was a segue for this excursion away from the coast where our anticipation for something new was realised. It was a dark Sunday morning which forced the mood to be rather somber, Nicaragua was waking slowly and the Plaza De Armas was like a giant emotion registering the towns pulse. Hopefully this would create an opportunity to capture an image of truth, beauty or possibly an exposed local soul.

As it goes we found a park a few blocks back from the Plaza itself, ready to get lost in another intriguing Central American bubble. The open doors to a church blended with washing being hung out to dry and shoes being polished, life here is real. Totally absorbed in the sweet aroma of fresh pano it turned out to be an absent-minded wander through the maze of back streets that surrounded the Plaza, and not a single photo had been captured.

As a small lane spat us out directly onto the Plaza De Armas, she too seemed to be lost in thought. Vulnerable though, her guard down, twirling her coarse dark hair around her fingers waiting for the sun. Was she a beggar, did she live in the palace over looking the plaza or was it simply a moment to appreciate with one single photograph on a Sunday morning, down in a Plaza De Armas in Nicaragua.




Location: Nicaragua, Pacifc Ocean.
Optimum: October to January after the rainy season.
Weather: It's the tropics, it's stinking sweaty hot. Wet season and dry season.
Surf Conditions: Beachbreaks, Reef Breaks, Point Breaks, Rivermouths Lots of spots but plenty of natural hazards, earthquakes, volcanos and storms.
Access: Fly into Managua or Leon in Nicaragua, or San Jose in Costa Rica and drive up.
Accomodation: Dodgey little adventure hotels and humble camp outs on rural homestays.
Live Free:  8/10.  It's central America, it's raw and still behind the rest of the world which is why its so dam good.

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