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Costa Rica - San Jose, Esterillos, Central America // Whole Lotta Rosie

Killvan's Costa Rica. A tale of the inspiring soul of Rosie, met while on a surf trip through Costa Rica in Central America.

Costa Rica was in all it's glory, hot, sunny and stacks of swell. We'd been scoring decent waves since we drove on down from Nicaragua and our sunburnt ragged bodies needed repairing. Accommodation became a problem as we'd been on the skint, no deniro, cheap ass surfer scum, lavish hotels and homestays were for dreams.

But camping had served us well, we'd become good at makeshift camp sites on forgotten beaches that gave us sunsets of a lifetime. The value of a good nights sleep was being realised as heavy tropical rains and punishing mosquitios turned the last few nights into episodes. Frustration was setting in, tense and angsty characters rose to the surface, we needed time out from the hardcore deal, perhaps some robe time in a mansion by the beach, pina coladas with umbrellas and hot oily rub downs by maids. But of course it was wishful thinking, if we could get a two star habitación and a cold shower it'd be suffice.

Reaching Jaco in the afternoon we made plans to make use of our surfers network. We had a remote connection to a mysterious US expat that had let us stay at his house up near Scripts Pier in La Jolla, San Diego. We'd never met but that didn't matter, a phone number on cliched tattered note paper was all that was needed to start the process. Our Costa Rican destiny would begin inside a rusting prehistoric silver telephone box. Numbers were punched into the rusting dial pad and it rang for sometime.

"Hello, Rosie speaking" answered a bubbly personality, a girl, American, big voice, confident.
"Ah G'day. We're friends of Dukes, who is a friend of Gerry and was wondering if he was around?".
"Oh wow, Im staying here with Gerry as he is also a friend of a friend back home" she replied.

And with that in common the gap was bridged, she was as good as a new friend. A short conversation ensued, her articulate delivery was and warm welcoming, a tone which suggested she had lived. Pursuing the flimsy network of a friend of a friend had opened an unexpected door which Rosie walked through, she was going to make everything ok.

Over the next week we stayed with Gerry at his beach house, which luckily had a killer right hand tube slabbing off a shallow sand bank directly out front. During the nights we'd drink beer and share travel stories with Rosie, learning about how she came to be setting up a new life down in Jaco. Rosie joined us on the road a week later and treated us to a tour through ancient underground caves, an overnighter in thermal hot springs at the base of a volcano and an excursion to the city of San Jose.

Rosie was one of those people that simply gave her time energy and spirit. We were fortunate to meet her as she enlightened us to a Costa Rica that would've never been experienced if it wasn't for the selfless nature and warm personality of this East Coast American gal. Our coming itnerary would be to places where the people have far less than us, Rosie had shown us how nice it felt to receive and it'd make it easy for us to now give a little to those we'd meet on the road ahead.




Location: Costa Rica Pacific Side.
Optimum: March through to August, though all year if you're a diggin' the vibe.
Weather: Right on the Equator has it as tropical as it can be.
Surf Conditions: Beachbreaks, Reef Breaks, Rocky Point Breaks, Rivermouths.
Access: Fly into San Jose form any international airport, within 5 or 6 hours you can be at any surf spot in the country.
Accomodation: Camping, Holiday Rentals, Motels, hotels. It's all here in Costa
Live Free:  7/10.  It's a popular runaway for expats so it's not as raw as neighbouring countires.

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