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Alaska - Seward, Resurrection Bay, Fox Island // Into The Wild

Killvan's Alaska. A tale of Australian surfers treking in to the wild of Alaska, in search of waves that had never been ridden.

The Dodge Ram, a thirsty V8 machine that we placed an astonishingly amount of faith in. It was our safety from the elements, it was our ride across Canada, hummin’ and howlin’, doin’ the business and doin’ it easy. White crystal snow dust flaking through air vents like pimp glitter, walls lined with shag carpet and windows encrusted with ice, our vision impaired but our momentum unperturbed. With every revolution more unknowns, with every mile another horizon, we were forced to learn some hard truths while riding the Dodge.

Just drive drive drive on through the Yukon, first time anticipation blurred by a grey line that we had no choice but to follow. Ascending, descending, bends left and slides right, riding the land, it was an artery feeding the heart of North America. If we only could’ve stop and listened to the highway and its stories, but the intimidating length of the Alaskan Highway ensured a silent pass. We clung to it like our life depended on it, and it did.

Climbing through confronting enclosed mountain passes blocking visual escape routes. A grand stationary presence on the earth’s surface demanding respect by obscuring the sun, these mountains pushing earth skyward.

Flying out onto the bitterly cold bleak prairies, the distant horizons encrusted with frosts, flat and wide, a lifeless sub zero desert. The moon illuminates our lonely isolated nights, the prairies have taken their toll and we pay our dues.

We then endured 3 days of pine forests. A monotonous slideshow of snow dusted trees occasionally pausing for a clear cut napalmed deforestation project, a pulp mill, a towering toxic smoke stack, some industrial carnage. It wouldn’t blink for over 3000kms.

Squirrel, fox, wolf, deer, an entourage live and direct. Bison, eagle, cougar elk, all closer to the land than we’ll ever be, humbling moments follow as the activity grows wilder in unison with the big features fast approaching. Wispy clouds in a stratospheric sky, gigantic mountains dominating the land and dictating our path once again. Blizzards testing everything we’d ever known. I wanted a challenge and needed to find my limits by touching the sky. This was it and we were high.

Crossing into Alaska leaving the unforgiving Yukon landscape temporarily as we had to repeat this in our return journey, a crushing reality. Reaching Anchorage a week out of Vancouver and replenishing the damaged mind and tested spirits, this adventure now so very real.





Location: Seward, Alaska.
Optimum: September / October.
Weather: Well, obviously it's cold. Summe ror early fall. Winter and Spring is too crazy
Surf Conditions: Rocky Points, Boulder Points, Bombies.
Access: Get to Anchorage, or Vancouver Canada. Get a boat, a sea plane, get weird get wild.
Accomodation: Camping, Small rooms for rent and some adventure accomodation.
Live Free:  10/10.  Where else but Alaska.

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