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Reunion Island - Sydney, Australia // Transfer

Killvan's Reunion Island. A tale of the arduous flight that is Sydney to Reunion Island, revealing the joys that surf travel brings.


The beginning is always a weird time, that is, if you’ve caught a jet plane once or twice before. Once translated from French as a ‘bitches purse with velvet lining’. Dragging oversized suitcases stuffed with carefully selected crafts through some godforsaken distress station. The small children are obstacle-like, Asian tourists like obstacles and everyone else will stare in awe with many questions, no doubt. Though it’s unlikely we know their answers, us types who ride waves, for we are fixated on our own ambitions, hedonistic supercharge during this terminal trudge, we salivate for spicy foreign bliss and tunnel waves of consequence, more than any other moment during this whole demanding exercise.

It is within this transfer of energy we learn more about our life, perhaps. This effort that encroaches on the very freedom we pursue, drilling into our mind for answers as we stand at counters pleading with uniforms, justifying our way of life.

“But come with me on this one, see that lady, see her just there. Why, she’d weigh in at what, 120 kilos you think? Maybe more? And I a mere 70 kilos, now clearly this total would be far less”.

The rigmarole of a peasant shuffle has us becoming a short termed commoner, the leper within a transient community; no one would care to hold a door, not in a transfer station where robot bodies hustle blindly, the shepherds waving them through. All we want to do is ride the plane to the promised land, and today that is an island in the Indian, a volcanic land for the left hand.





Location: West Coast, Reunion Island. Indian Ocean.
Optimum: The winter months when the roaring forties spin storms up from under Africa. June through to September.
Weather: A tropical island that has it all. Sub zero atop the volcanoes, 30+ at the beach. Wet and dry season.
Surf Conditions: Beachbreaks Reef Breaks, Rivermouths. Sometimes very very lonely and 10 on the Bull Shark scale.
Access: Roland Garos Airport in the capital St Dennis then a few hours south drive to St Leu.
Accomodation: Holiday Rentals, Hotels. Book before you go to ensure optimum choice.
Live Free: 4/10. Sharks kill the joy.


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