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Mauritius - Black River District, Tamarin Bay // Love Stained Surf Trip

Killvan's Mauritius. A tale of taking a girlfriend on a surf trip to a cliched honeymoon destination.


The destination being the newly wed magnet of Mauritius almost forced the trip into the bedroom pre departure. Heaps of sex, a beautiful female and golden sunsets with umbrella drinks. It’s what you’d expect on your honeymoon right, but a potentially ruinous set of misconstrued preconceptions to pack on a surf trip indeed. The objective was to go there and score epic surf, get lost in foreign cultures and celebrate it all with shots of potent rum. The escapade was love stained before sun burnt, a teeth baring surf mission that smelt like Chanel No 5.

There was this mythical Santosha scenario, long before I knew what surf travel was all about. Built around a fabled left-hander that peeled in perfection down an idyllic reef, tucked in on the leeward side of an Island that cast adrift in the middle of the Indian Ocean. By the time I could jump a jet plane, this hippy dreaming was overshadowed by 5 star Indonesian boat trip gold. It has taken 15 years to get to this corner of the world, and it would’ve taken 15 minutes to forget it if it wasn’t for Francois and the higher ground I departed on.

White sand, tropic marine layers and a freighting left-hander, not here, not today. I sat wedged in the choked nightmarish traffic of Port Louis, inhaling copious amounts of smog, fumes and dust, the supposed magic left funnels of Tamarin Bay seemed unreachable. This small island country is planned so every main arterial road junctions at the port, a sweaty 3rd world reminder that the sea was once the only way to travel and trade. But today this port and it’s traffic is simply a holiday detention centre, bringing some truth to the saying that you don’t ever know a place until you’ve been stuck in its traffic.

The evening prior we’d sat honeymoon-like in a restaurant in Perebyre, a relaxed tourist town located in the north west of the island. Our waiter Arash, a spritely good-natured lad was happy to spend time at our table and chat. With no other tables occupied I guess he had no choice. When conversation interestingly steered to the weather it gave insight into perhaps why Mauritius was no longer popular with travelling surfers and more so with hitched couples.

“Well, I am 21, and I have seen just one cyclone, only one. My grand parents often speak of yearly storms that would tear up the island, sometimes they would go around Mauritius, other times they would come straight to land. But it was every year when they were young, every single year”.

His delivery was serious, either highlighting the fact that these storms were dangerous, or that they don’t happen anymore, swell machines vanished.





Location: Mauritius, Indian Ocean.
Optimum: April to October.
Weather: Tropical Island in the Indian, though it does get cool.
Surf Conditions: Reef Breaks
Access: Fly into Ramgoolan in the south from Reunion Island or interntional links, and drive north west.
Accomodation: Five star resorts to cheap honeymooner hotels.
Live Free:  3/10.  Testing, possibly marooned.



 vivre libre République de Maurice


Price: $149.95

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