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Live Free

Life is like a tube ride...
It happens fast and takes a long time to figure out how to do it.


The adventures brought to life at Killvan are simply different kinds of tube rides. Some long, others short, all forming a rich tapestry of life experience... one long tube ride perhaps. The digital tales of Killvan are ideally delivered to inspire you to design your own path to discovery, to step away, to step out and be free. The unknown roads of travel often teach like a school and inspire like a master.

On return from a global sojourn an individual is often transformed, enlightened, expanded. Filled with knowledge and wisdom that is otherwise unobtainable in the surrounds of a home environment. It is this enlightening transformation that is accessible to us all. Simply leave home for a little while, explore yourself and your mind, live through the foreign environments of our world to expand your own.


Your personal freedom lives inside your strengths and dreams...

Live Free 

Killvan's Australia. A tale of how natures energy can inspire better use of your own

July 2013

  Killvan's Australia. A tale of how natures energy can inspire better use
  of your own.

Energy, it is transferred easily.

But it is also frivolously spent, and before I jumped the jet I was compressing a weeks worth of ocean activities into a few hours. The saltwater fix was imperative before we headed miles away from the sea. Land with no ocean fringe is daunting in thought, espe

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Australia - Red Centre, Northern Territory // Survivor

March 2013

    Killvan's Australia.  A tale of how a trip to the desert can make you a survivor.

Over that hill just behind us to the West, now that's where things are much different.
The scale is grand and the air is clean, there is not a soul around to hear us scream.

Out here in the middle of Australia is it even relevant to us living inside the machine.
Unknown on a map, foreign in cult

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Indonesia - East Side, Bali // Bali Hai Empat

December 2012

Killvan's Bali. A tale of Simplicity having strength.

The bullshit in Bali. There is some serious bullshit in Bali.
 Going here, being there, seeing him, checking out her.
 Can get tiring if you feed this circus meter. 
Bit of focus on why you landed on this steamy equatorial island. 

It's always hot, like bitchin' hot by noon, not complicated.
 Crowded like a Kuta beach party with fr

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Indonesia - East Side, Bali // Bali Hai Tiga

December 2012

Killvan's Bali. A tale of contemplative time in a garden of insects and an
oily point break.

Far removed from the drunken bikini scene in Kuta, in fact, not even in the same realm, there are fourteen villages that can sustain contemplation. By a pond, under a bamboo structure, time is idle.

To be at peace in this wet air and enjoy the serenity of this paradise seemed impossible at the start. This

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Indonesia - Canggu, Bali // Bali Hai Satu

December 2012

Killvan's Bali. A tale of some feelings for the third world.

Things will always change, though feelings can last forever.

When you get off the plane and are confronted with the humid sticky air, it temporarily steals the anticipation. This humidity will never go away.

After getting cool in your hotel room, you hit the streets. It's a baffling cluster-fuck of confusion, yet peaceful. This traf

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Indonesia - Uluwatu, Bali // Bali Hai Dua

December 2012

Killvan's Bali. A celebration of an analogy.

Some surfs you have in Bali are testing affairs. Stressful episodes that can break the calm of a Hindu love affair. The crowds, the heat, the long wait between sets. So it be wise to bring your patience game, along with the analogy of building house.

We'd made way into the back country a few hours north of the Kuta stretch hustle. The placid soft feel of a

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